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Incorporated as Woodvale Dog Park Society, Feb. 2012

Jackie Parker Recreation Area is one of the city-wide parks where off-leash activities are permitted, and has been a popular spot for dogs and their owners for more than 15 years.  The Pooch Patrol was formed by a group of park users in 2009 when the City changed the off-leash boundaries without consultation of the park users. Public meetings were held throughout 2009-10 until consensus was reached.

A new group of volunteers re-activated the committee in Nov., 2010, with the mandate of ensuring the future of the off-leash site, as well as working with the City to maintain a clean and safe park and provide enhancements such as additional benches, bag dispensers and other improvements.

Site History

George Briggs of Briggsdale Farms, the original site where the dog park now exists. The collie is Laddie, responsible for herding the cattle back from The Horseshoe, where Jude’s Bench now sits.

The memorial plaque was placed in honour of Mrs. Kelly’s birthday last Sept. Seated: Arnold Briggs and Joy Kelly, children of George & Ethel Briggs; standing: Don Kelly and other grandchildren of the Briggs family.

Whats New

JAN 2014

New Public Mailing list, Join our new public mailing list for updates.  jackieparkerpoochpatrol-public

Events Calendar – Click Here

Become a member $5.00 – Enter your information into a online form and mail a cheque.

Become a member:  your one-time $5.00 membership fee entitles you to receive regular e-mail updates of news & events, attend general meetings, have a say in decisions affecting the park, and nominate/vote for/hold Board positions.   Online Membership form

Use our on-line application form and mail or drop off a cheque to 9742-54 Ave.

Photos of the park and its visitors.

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Park Facilities

Off-leash Area

The off-leash area is south of the golf course entrance road. Parking is located at the end of the access road on the east side of the park, as well as on the Recreation Area [spray park] side of the entrance road.

Make sure you keep your dog safe by keeping it on-leash until you have entered the field.

Garbage Cans

Garbage cans are located in several locations throughout the park. Please remember that you are responsible for picking up after your dog and ensuring that all waste is placed in these containers.

Bag Dispensers

The Pooch Patrol contributed two additional poo bag dispensers for the park, and the City contributed three more, to make it easy for all dog owners to Scoop the Poop.

Bulletin Board

In 2010, a bulletin board was donated by the Pooch Patrol and many park users. Everyone is welcome to post notices on the board, however, all postings should be dog-related and not-for-profit.


Several new benches were installed in 2012 and 2013; three were provided by the then-Ward 11 Councillor, Kerry Diotte, and two were donated in memory of the dogs Frisket and Jock.

If you would like to donate a bench, see the heading Benchmark Program.

2 responses

  1. Skye,
    We picked him up from the Humane Society mid Dec 2005. He was a lively, loving but demanding Jack Russell whose sharp bark for a walk or to be played with was unmistakable. He ran around with smaller dogs he met and greeted their owners with gusto. On our walks, he almost always found a ball or stick that we HAD to throw – one time a ten foot branch. He learned to swim chasing a stick in lake Osoyoos. He chased the birds along the beaches of Oregon and hiked the canyons and mountain trails of southern Utah. He travelled between off-leash areas wherever he was in an old freezer basket on the back of a bike with equinamity.
    On the drive back to Edmonton from Oregon in late Sept he suffered bouts of vomitting and loss of appetite. Back home, we noticed he had lost the middle aged spread from spring. In October he seemed to bounce back and we had many more walks and bike rides.In mid Nov there was a significant diarrheal event overnight and his ribs started to show through his skin. He had bouts of shaking/quivering which we rationalized as his age and the dropping temperature.
    On November 21st he enjoyed a long walk through Highlands golf course and back along the river.
    Friday Nov 27 we took him to the vet and learned he had lost 20 percent of his bodyweight he was shaking persistently. Blood test results the following week revealed kidney failure.
    His last walk was at Jacke Parker on November 30 where an
    occasional burst with a small dog or owner was all he could manage.
    Skye died of kidney failure on December 1st 2015.
    He will be greatly missed by all of our family members and his little buddy Zeus.

  2. Willing to throw some money in the hat and volunteer to help build a set of stairs on the south side of the area where the creek bank is eroded south of the main bridge in the center of the park. I can put in screws and hammer with the best of them but do not posses the carpentry or engineering skills to construct one. Anyone interested?

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